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Working For You: Thank you, teachers.

Aug. 8, 2022


This morning our children and thousands of others across Nashville returned to their schools where they were welcomed by the most important people in our community – their teachers. 

As this first day of school in MNPS classrooms wraps up, my family and I would like to personally thank all of the highly qualified individuals who have committed themselves to educating Tennessee’s children. Our teachers, administrators, para-professionals, and everyone who serves or has ever served our state’s children in any school-based capacity deserves all of our sincere appreciation and respect. 

As a proud product of Tennessee public schools and an incredibly proud parent of three MNPS students, I am committed to working for and with educators to improve our state’s public education system. The current challenges facing our public schools and educators are unprecedented, from safety concerns to a lack of resources to policy attacks on the teaching profession itself. Our schools and educators need your support.

Thanks to the voters of District 55, I am blessed with the opportunity to fight for our public schools and provide educators with a voice in our state legislature. However, this is not something I can or should do alone. All of us who recognize the importance of our public education system and truly value our teachers must work together and speak up for our teachers and against the ongoing threats to our schools. We cannot afford to be silent at this pivotal moment. For our children, please contact your local and state officials today and share your valuale opinions and support for our teachers and public schools.



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