Our Future Starts Now.  

Staying in touch with your family and our community.

John Ray has been actively involved in our community for years.  He has proven his desire and dedication to improving our community as the president of Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood, chairman of Nashville RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities), co-founding Friends of Sevier Park and providing pro bono legal services for local artists and entrepreneurs.  As our state representative, John Ray remains actively engaged in our neighborhoods and community and communicates with us regularly.  

As your state representative, John Ray regularly communicates by: regularly attending neighborhood association meetings; emailing bi-weekly newsletters summarizing issues and legislative activity during the legislative session; emailing quarterly written reports detailing his work on your behalf in our community and the Capitol; hosting regular open meetings across the district with neighborhood associations, parent/teacher groups, business leaders and the faith community; creating an open-line of communication with local officials to continue Nashville's progress; and maintaining an "open door" policy to welcome visitors year-round.

A promising future requires courage, forward-thinking leadership and, at times, compromise. 

The status quo is unacceptable.  To continue Nashville's progress and get our state back on track, John Ray brings a new energy, new ideas and a new brand of leadership to the state legislature every day.  While promoting an agenda focused on our future and actively and aggressively standing up to legislators who try to interfere with Nashville's progress and impede our state's prosperity, he consistently reaches across the aisle to find common ground on issues to benefit all Tennesseans.  To facilitate a promising future for Nashville's families and workers, John Ray actively works with leaders in the public and private sector to build consensus and solve immediate and long-term problems that must be addressed like public education, transportation, affordable housing, workforce training, and access to affordable, quality health care. By listening to and working with Nashville's residents and business community, John Ray has gained a reputation for his willingness to do the heavy lifting on policy research and create innovative solutions to issues affecting Tennesseans' daily lives.

A future where everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.

John Ray is privileged to represent a district that is home to multiple hospitals, medical clinics, community health clinics and has thousands of health care professionals living and working in it every day. Since taking office, John Ray's priority has been to ensure that every Tennessean is able to receive the type of care and treatment he or she needs and deserves.  In addition to consistently advocating for Medicaid expansion, he has focused on the availability of and access to mental health care and drug and substance abuse services.  He was the driving force behind the state's recent passage of a law to enforce mental health parity and substance abuse equity laws. For his successful, bipartisan work on mental health care, John Ray was recognized by NAMI-Tennessee and the Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  He believes that we must protect and provide for our seniors, strenthen TennCare for struggling families, and make sure that all children, regardless of income, have access to health care. As a member of the House Health Committee, John Ray has been a consistent advocate and voice for women and families on reproductive health issues. It is well past time to stop playing politics with people's lives and make health care more affordable and accessible to all families.  

A future where every child gets a quality education and an opportunity.

John Ray's guiding principle is that every child deserves an opportunity to succeed.  As a public school parent and legislator, John Ray works to provide public schools and teachers with the resources they need to succeed so that our children benefit.  To better learn what our schools need and gain a better understanding of oft-debated education issues firsthand, John Ray regularly communicates with principals and teachers across the state. Utilizing the information gathered first-hand in these meetings, John Ray has introduced legislation to improve teacher retention rates, assist school with meeting RTII requirements, and protect students from lunch-shaming and bullying. He has also led the charge to hold the Department of Education accountable for its repeated testing snafus and protect teachers from the results of a flawed testing system. Our teachers deserve more respect, more support and higher salaries.  The most efficient and productive way to ensure a promising future for our families, our city, and generations to come is to invest our time and attention, our money, and all possible resources into public education at every level.     

A future with better paying jobs and an atmosphere conducive to innovation.

Representing a thriving district full of some of our state's most successful and exciting small business owners and employees, John Ray closely follows market trends, employment rates, and the fledgling Nashville tech sector and startup scene.  He tracks evolving technologies (i.e. blockchain, 3D printing, self-driving vehicles, etc.) to ensure that state policy keeps pace with emerging technology.  John Ray recognizes that we must continue to develop local talent in a multitude of thriving industries, attract and support more small businesses, recruit more companies with well-paying jobs, and nurture existing businesses that have invested here and contributed to our community's success. To better facilitate all Tennesseans' participation in the 21st century economy, he advocates for net neutrality and universal Internet access. John Ray is proud to represent and support increased funding for Tennessee College of Applied Technology and Nashville State Community College, both of which sit in the heart of District 55, as do Belmont University, Vanderbilt University and Aquinas College. John Ray wants to continue seeing companies with well-paying jobs competing for the highly-skilled Tennessee workers graduating from these institutions of higher learning.

A future where everyone is treated equally.

John Ray is working to ensure pay equality for Tennessee women.  He recognizes the value of diversity in our community and continuously speaks out and advocates for equality for every Tennessean.  Whether the target of legislation or policy is an immigrant, a refugee, a member of the LGBTQ community, or a member of any minority group, John Ray is the first to stand up and speak out against hate and discrimination of any kind.  He strongly believes that discrimination, in any form, should not be tolerated in this state.  This is why he proudly introduced a resolution in 2018 to denounce white nationalists and neo-Nazis and their acts of violence. 

John Ray is on our side.

Fighting for Tennessee's rural families and local economies, as well as everyone who cherishes our state parks, John Ray successfully led the fight against Governor Haslam's efforts to privatize our state parks. He also led the resistance to the Haslam administration's outsourcing of the facility maintenance jobs at our state colleges and universities and successfully raised public awareness of this secretive process.  For over three years, John Ray, along with Sen. Lee Harris, travelled the state, hosted town halls, and met with working families to keep them informed and help organize their efforts to combat the governor's unprecedented outsourcing and privatization scheme. 

A green plan for future generations. 

John Ray believes that our state should lead by example, and he continues to promote his ideas for how state government can and should operate more efficiently and reduce its carbon footprint and protect our state's natural beauty.  Every individual, family, and company, large and small, has a role to play in preserving our environment for future generations. 


If you have questions about John Ray's position on an issue of importance to you or your family, please email or call him at any time.