Clemmons, Harris Visit UTK for Outsourcing Roundtable

State lawmakers visit UT to talk outsourcing

WVLT (Knoxville) - VIDEO - Tennessee State Senator Lee Harris (D) and State Representative John Ray Clemmons (D) visited UT's campus on Tuesday to discuss outsourcing.

The lawmakers talked to campus employees, students and others for a fact-finding discussion.

Governor Bill Haslam is working on a plan to possibly privatize management of UT and other state facilities. That could mean layoffs and big impacts to campus life. That's why lawmakers want to hear from the people who would be most affected.

"A lot of people are afraid of their jobs being at risk. You know, anytime you start talking about privatization, accountability kind of goes out the window and profit motives become a higher priority than the actual quality of services and accountability from the state government," said Clemmons.

The privatization plan would also impact state parks, prisons and National Guard armories.